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We are changing our name, but not our dedication to our mission! Being known as Friends of HCACC led people to assume we were a part of the county shelter which we are NOT. We will never stop helping the Horry County Animal Care Center increase adoption rates and decrease the excess unwanted pet population that is euthanized on a daily basis. Whenever possible we also take pets advertised on Craig’s List that would wind up in the shelter or in worse conditions. We have also rescued puppy mill victims, orphans, abuse cases, flood victims and a few seriously handicapped cases.
Each rescued pet is shared on the wide platform of Facebook to increase exposure. We raise donations through our events, Facebook and other media. We make sure all pets in our foster care receive medical exams and treatments they may need to be healthy and ready to be adopted into screened, loving forever homes. Our fosters are also micro-chipped and spayed or neutered.
We promote responsible pet ownership. We microchip to encourage more lost pet return. Since September 2012 we have only improved in our efforts.  September 2015 we began sponsoring 5 free spays per month to encourage low income families to get their pet spayed now rather than risking unwanted litters.  Ask us how you can help save more lives!

Saving unwanted pets one by one!