It is a sad fact that South Carolina is in the bottom five states when it comes to strength in animal cruelty laws. The Humane Society of the United States ranks the Palmetto State number 47 out of 51.

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 There are no regulations on breeding, nothing to prevent puppy mills from flourishing.  Under current state laws, owners aren’t even required to give animals   veterinary care.  An illegal breeding operation will lose it’s current population, the punishment will be less than the price of one puppy sold.   In almost no time they will be operating out of a new location.

South Carolina Animal Welfare Laws

The South lags far behind in implementing necessary spay/neuter programs and other actions to insure the most humane, economical way to handle the pet overpopulation problem.

Rescues are great!   Some save a few, some many.  We need every single one to save as many lives as possible!  Facebook has been a very powerful social media tool to encourage education until recently when  they changed the algorithm that dictates who sees what from various pages.  This has been devastating to many rescues including us!

BUT  rescues stepping in to save pets from the shelter’s endangered list or Craig’s list does nothing to ease the problem from occurring again and again.    In fact, it enables irresponsible pet owners to continue to not care.  Why should they?  Threaten pets, especially that puppies and kittens will go to the county kill shelter, rescues and private citizens will come from everywhere to take them at their own expense to save them.  Many will even pay rehoming fees.

It is our goal to educate the community among other things we do to try to save as many unwanted pets as possible.  It takes a community, people, groups and organizations united to bring about change!  Join us!

 South Carolina Legislature

On this page you can find your Legislators, contact your Senator or Representative, track existing legislation and research current or archived legislature to make educated decisions when voting.

Get your application to adopt, foster or volunteer HERE.  You can fill them out online or save it to your computer and attach it in your email to info@friendsofhcacc.org  Your application will be entered into our database.  It will help us get to know you, what your preferences and strengths are!

 If you can’t adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, donate.  If you can’t donate, spread the word – ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!